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Mobile Airport Authority (MAA) does not discriminate in recruitment, hiring, training, promotion or other employment practices for reasons of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age, disability, veteran status or any other status protected by law. Employment with Mobile Airport Authority is at the will of the employee and the organization.

This application will be considered active for 45 days or during the time the job remains open, whichever is greater, not to exceed 6 months. After this time, reapplication must be made for consideration for other positions which may be available.

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Please read this question carefully. If you have questions, please ask an MAA Representative.

Are you related to anyone presently employed with the Mobile Airport Authority? If so, please list the employees name,relationship to you, job title (if known), and work location.

Job Requirements

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A Drug Free Workplace. Background Checks Required

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Other Information

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Conditions of Employment

Please read this section carefully and sign and date the bottom.

Misrepresentation/Omission. I hereby affirm that the foregoing answers and statements are true and correct and authorize the investigation of all statements contained in this application. I understand that this Organization will attempt to verify my answers and statements as it may see fit, and if false or misleading information or omission of facts called for in this employment application are discovered, the selection process will terminate immediately, or if discovered after hire will result in termination.

Verification/Reference Checks/Investigation. I give my permission to Mobile Airport Authority to conduct background checks and to obtain all necessary information from my references, previous employers, educational institutions, or any other source concerning my prior employment, education, personal history, or character. I release all such persons from liability or damages incurred as a result of these inquiries and for providing this information with or without prior written notice to me.

Driver’s License. I understand I will be required to provide and maintain a valid Driver’s License if the job requires a valid license.

Drug/Alcohol Screening and Physical Exam. I understand and acknowledge that I will be required to successfully pass a drug screen and physical examination as a condition of employment. I further hereby consent to a pre-employment drug screen and physical exam and the release of any medical information as may be deemed necessary to judge my capability to perform the work for which I am applying. I understand that refusal to submit to the tests or failure to pass the tests will disqualify me from further consideration for employment. I also understand that I may again be required to submit to a drug test or physical exam during my employment with the Organization and if I refuse to take the test(s) or fail to pass the test(s), I may be suspended or terminated immediately.

Fingerprinting. I agree to be fingerprinted as a condition of employment, during my employment, and as the FAA requires. I further understand my fingerprint record will be processed by the FBI.

Confidentiality/Integrity. I understand that if employed, I am to treat all of Mobile Airport Authority’s business, customers, tenants, employees and records with the strictest confidentiality. I understand and agree that I am not to disclose confidential information either internally or externally unless authorized to do so. I also understand that any violation of the foregoing will be sufficient grounds for termination of my employment.

Retirement Systems of Alabama. I understand that Mobile Airport Authority provides retirement benefits through the Retirement Systems of Alabama. I also understand that if employed (regular full-time or part-time) my participation in the plan is mandatory beginning with the first period. Member contributions are calculated as a percentage of earnable income based on the position held and entry date into the plan. RSA provides life insurance of one time the employee’s annual salary after two years of employment.

Organization Policies and Procedures. I understand if employed by Mobile Airport Authority that I will comply with all policies, procedures, rules, regulations and directives. I further understand the foregoing may be changed, interpreted, withdrawn or added by the Organization at any time, at the Organization’s sole discretion and without any prior notice to me. I also understand that during my employment, I may be asked to transfer and be expected to move to a different location within the Organization. And, I understand that any violation of the foregoing which includes any act of dishonesty will be sufficient grounds for termination of my employment.

Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. I understand that, as a condition of employment, I must furnish in a timely manner appropriate documents and satisfy the employment and eligibility requirements of this Act.

At Will. I understand this application does not constitute an employment contract of any kind. I further understand and agree that, unless specifically altered by a written contract executed by a Top Management Team Member of Mobile Airport Authority, my employment with the Organization is for no definite period and may be terminated “at will” by me or the Organization at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or previous notice. I understand that any offer of employment or my acceptance of employment may be withdrawn for any reason at any time and without prior notice by me or the Organization

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