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Pandora De Balthazar

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Our Story

Growing up in Dalton, Georgia, one of the textile capitals of the United States, Pandora has collected fine textiles throughout her entire life. A love of these beautiful, living artworks, and their stories, have offered her a wonderful career sharing these timeless creations with others.

During her earlier professional life as a certified financial planner, Pandora traveled extensively throughout the United States and Europe, adding to her collection. It was time spent in Europe, including an extended stay in Hungary, that increased Pandora’s appreciation for incorporating beautiful textiles into every day life. Just as antique furniture, art and accessories are prized and used by collectors and designers, Pandora realized so could textiles. The combination of her expertise and her creative vision for reworking these exquisite pieces is a part of the mission Pandora brings to her clients.

In 1990, during a life-altering health crisis involving delicate neurosurgery, Pandora was confined to her bed 24 hours a day for six straight months. It was during this time that she became microscopically focused on her bed as a place of rejuvenation and recovery. Her Hungarian healers placed great importance on her bedding, with high quality linens that were changed daily.

The Hungarian down pillows, mattress and duvet were of a much higher quality than anything Pandora had ever experienced, inspiring her to seek ways they could further improve the support they provided her during the healing process. And thus the European Sleep System was born – created by Pandora for her own use and now available to you for your nightly rejuvenation experience.


Whether shopping from our inventory, finding a requested article in the marketplace or repurposing a family heirloom, we work closely with all our clients.

It’s the step beyond the ordinary that our customers want and we are dedicated to giving it to them.