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Nothing’s more annoying than having to recharge your smart phone while out and about. With all the meetings and running around I have to do on a daily basis, a portable battery charger is a great asset to my hectic schedule. The Palm Power Battery Charger is an innovative option for just about anyone. Forget sitting in your car for thirty minutes or more just to get a little juice for your phone. And don’t take a chance of leaving it plugged in somewhere like behind the bar or attached to an outlet at a restaurant - turn your back for two seconds and your phone could be swiped in an instant! The portable charger is sleek and can fit in a ladie’s clutch when you go out, or a gentleman’s coat pocket, along with a small USB cord to connect to any smart phone. It’s about five inches in length by just over two inches in width and ¼ inch in height, about the length of my hand, weighing in at about five ounces. It’s not too cumbersome and more convenient than a wall charger. All you do is charge it up through your computer or a wall charger and the flashing red lights will indicate when it’s fully charged. Then keep it in your purse or jacket as backup for when you need a boost! It provides 3 full charges for a mobile device on a single charge! Great for travelling, power outages, and even camping! It’s a super-charged electronics accessory that provides peace of mind on the go!