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Welcome to LocalBizEngage
Mobile, AL

Build Your Business – Grow the Economy

Why LocalBizEngage?

Grow Your Business and the Local Economy

Networking, relationships, lead generation, mutual strategies, and cross promotions are all important tools for a local business owner. LocalBizEngage will provide a monthly opportunity for business owners and leaders to get together to grow their businesses and the local economy.

Who is invited?

Business owners, senior executives and community leaders

How will this meeting be conducted?

90 minutes once a month

Each meeting will provide an opportunity for you to meet other local business owners, exchange important information and introduce your business to those attending. One business owner will be selected to give an extended introduction. Meetings will be friendly and low key. We will start and stop on time.

What is unique about LocalBizEngage?

Relationship building partnered with technology. You will have the opportunity to build personal relationship as well as be you will have the opportunity for “24/7 Virtual Networking” if you opt in for the Mobile Community Platform.

Local businesses owners typically have a full plate and long days. What’s more, most do not have the time or resources to stay up with the latest new technology and also gain the knowledge of how to use it to grow their business. Therefore, at the end of each LocalBizEngage, the local businesses that are in the “24/7 Virtual Network will remain to learn and discuss the ways to leverage this technology for their benefit. This 15-minute segment will be open to the group for those who “wish to remain” and obviously, for the many that are already a part of the Mobile Community Platform.

Why is the meeting conducted in two segments?

This is about equipping the local business owner and providing what you need.

We recognize that everyone has the need to build relationships and establish new friends. Using technology to market business, gain new customers, retain old ones and measure ongoing efforts is not a universal desire. Therefore, both segments of the BizEngageMeeting will have an open invitation to anyone who would like to participate.

What will a LocalBizEngage meeting look like?

Frequency: Monthly

Atmosphere: Low key, friendly, informal

Length: 90 minutes

Location: Hosted at members’ locations

Agenda: Mixer/general networking session – one-minute intro of each participant – 7-minute presentation of a local business owner

Resources: Strategies that will impact your business

Leader: Tim McCormick

Local contact person: Tim McCormick
phone: 251.401.1959